A Safe Space in Upstate SC

Increasing access to affirmative resources with safe spaces, needed supplies, and quality connections
for all things health and wellness

Team gathered at the Upstate LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce Gala 2022

Together We’re Better

Together we’re stronger

After years of working to provide services for the queer community and it’s allies separately, the Queer Wellness Center was developed to create a safe space with larger impact for the LGBTQ+ community.

To create a place where a person could go to not only pursue community but also medical and mental health care without having to deal with the hiccups of typical office visits.

Interested in providing services or resources on site? Have a desire to vounteer? Want to book a space for an event? We’d love to have you. Connect with us using the links below and we’ll be in touch to get everything set up.

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Live a healthy life

with Access, Awareness, and Affirmation

Living a healthy life sounds so great. But when faced with having to choose which part of you gets to come out of the closet or which important things you’re willing to sacrifice to just be yourself, the journey to find affordable, reputable, and safe care can be a complicated maze that you just don’t have the energy to navigate.

You dream of receiving care and love as your whole self. Connecting with a community that supports you as you are and helps you create whole self health and wellness but finding those providers can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Queer Community

Providers & Allies

And if you’re a service provider or ally of the queer community, it can be challenging to connect with a large enough audience to make the impact you set out to make.

Finding the right place to support, serve, and connect like you’d hoped can be a challenge that leaves you feeling depleted.

The QWC is designed to be that place.

Interested in hosting an event at the QWC? Contact us directly here

Pride Parade with queer people & allies
Lesbian family with 2 children

Empowering the queer community to

View Life with Hope

As the first of it’s kind, the QWC is provides a safe and accepting environment where the queer community can gain access to affirming resources and businesses alike. We’re working to:

  • destigmatize the queer community
  • challenge current social constructs
  • change the environmental landscape of affirming resources for LGBTQ+ individuals 

All with the hope of shifting the view of our community to something more positive, even if only for ourselves.

QWC Resources

Breaking down barriers to Resources & Services

Struggling financially and need basic items like clothing, food, or hygiene products? What about finding the right wardrobe for the new you? The Queer Wellness Center provides access to the resources that the LGBT+ community needs without the judgement or anxiety that other resources can sometimes create. Need additional resources? Connect with the service providers you need in a space that’s designed to encourage connection.

Our weekly community hours: TBA

Clothes hanging on a rack
Resource Closet

Whether you’re just starting a transition and trying to find your style or in true need of a few wardrobe pieces to get through, the QWC Resource Closet is here for you.

We stock shoes, accessories, casual and workwear, binders, gaffs, and more. All gently-used or new donated items in all styles and sizes.

Resources Pantry items
Resource Pantry

Sometimes the budget just doesn’t stretch far enough. For days when you need a little assistance, the QWC Resource Pantry is stocked with shelf stable foods to get you through.

We stock canned goods, peanut butter, pastas, soups, crackers, rice, cereals, and more.

Personal hygiene items
Hygiene Products

There’s nothing better than a warm shower and good smelling soap! For days when you need a little assistance, the QWC Resource Pantry is stocked with hygiene products to keep you feeling so fresh and so clean, clean.

We stock full and travel sized soaps, shampoos, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, menstrual products and more.

QWC 2 bay garage hosting a fitness class
Services & Events

When you need a space to just be yourself or want to be in a place that makes you feel safe, the QWC is the place to come. We have multiple spaces and services available on-site whenever you need them. 

Looking for a service provider? Check here at the QWC for recommendations and on-site services.

About QWC Events

Events to bridge the gaps

With LGBTQ rights at risk, the Queer Wellness Center (QWC) of Greenville strives to be a safe space for all LGBTQ+ folks and allies in the Upstate of South Carolina. Our events are one of the ways that we work to make that a reality.

Our events are held at the Queer Wellness Center. We have various spaces to host events from a conference room to a community room and even our 2 bay garage. View our venue map here.

Events are a great way to connect with local service providers and a community that accepts you for you. Events are often provided at no or low cost. View our events calendar below.


QWC Events bulletin board
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Scheduled Events at the QWC

Upcoming Events